Armidale Naturopathic and Holistic Healing

Treatments That Work With The Natural Healing Mechanisms Of The Body.

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Assisting recovery from illness and maintaining optimal health

Armidale Naturopathic & Holistic Healing focuses on the underlying cause of conditions and applies treatments that work with the natural healing mechanisms of the body.

Engaging a Naturopathic Practitioner who works alongside Pharmacists and Doctors has a whole health approach and provides treatment tailored specifically to your health needs.

Armidale Naturopathic and Holistic Healing
What Is Naturopathic Healing?

The goal of naturopathic practice is to treat underlying imbalances and to restore normal body function by enhancing the body’s own healing abilities. During the consult, it is important to gain an understanding of the unique needs of each individual and what factors contributed to the development of poor health. The objective is to help you recover from illness and maintain optimal health and well-being.

Prescription medicines will always hold a fundamental place in our health regime, and coupled with a natural and holistic approach, you can achieve a more balanced and proactive approach to health.

But why should you try naturopathy? There are many reasons this holistic form of healing holds numerous benefits for your present and future wellbeing.

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Why Choose Armidale Naturopathic & Holistic Healing?

Experienced Naturopath

Offering years of experience in both the pharmacy and naturopathic industries, Armidale Naturopathic & Holistic Healing provides the utmost support and knowledge to help you gain the best results.

Working With GP's

Armidale Naturopathic & Holistic Healing prefers to work together with your GP to further assist and provide you the best possible solution to your health issues.

In-depth Assessing

Naturopathy focuses on fixing the root of the cause, rather than simply treating the symptoms, therefore, an in-depth assessment of your complete lifestyle is required.

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Naturopathy: The Past & Present

Naturopathy is a discipline with origins that go back over a century ago. This was a time when the science behind medicine was poor and the principles of preventative medicine poorly developed. For example, heavy metals were routinely to treat a range of infectious disease and there were some rather nasty, unrefined, surgical techniques in use.

Naturopathy: The Past & Present

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